A R T I S T S ’    S T A T E M E N T  

        My goal is to simply create a universal language that allows a conversation to open up between the viewer and the image. I collect memories like photographs in my head; I am reminded of fleeting moments that evoke certain emotions. In order to understand these momentary feelings, I choose to be aware instead of quickly reacting on them. Rather than re-creating an identifiable scene or place, I gravitate on the very nature of the source of light, color and structure, investigating how they simultaneously interact. Light and darkness are not my main focus, it is the communion between these two elements that attract me. The shadows act as a compass, always pointing the way to the light. In the presence of the light you cannot run from your shadows, instead you must confront the obscurities. In this series, I explore and embrace every shadow of my life, the good, the bad and the unexplainable. The dark does not destroy the light; it defines it. A large part of how we know ourselves is in the relationship to the spaces we inhabit and the way we inhabit them. We shape our homes and places of work and our spaces shape us, influencing our sense of who we are. 

        My work doesn’t function as what you see is what you get, but instead what you see is what you find. There is a constant search within my work that reflects the way I view and interact with people, places and ideas. This notion of the interior and exterior space, the hidden and exposed, allows me to play around with obscuring the image to provoke curiosity. My mission is to spark a sense of intrusiveness, leaving the spectator to question everything. The mysterious terrain between what can be measured by physical senses and what can be perceived only by emotions is one of the most intriguing subjects. Through obscuring the recognizable, I investigate the process of building and breaking down to form the structure; allowing the painting to create itself. Challenges and questions are the driving force to my creative process as well as spontaneity and intuition. Rather than having to translate these moments in time, I fabricate an invitation to stimulate an endless dialogue between the observer and the image. 

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